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Miracle Diapers is in need of an office and warehouse!
help us stay out of the TEXAS heat by raising $3000

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Miracle Diapers has been operating out of a non-air conditioned warehouse, and we need your help for RELIEF!

Over the past month, temperatures inside of our warehouse have jumped to over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only are these conditions impossible to work in over long periods of time, but we’re unable to find volunteers who are willing to help in these outrageous conditions. The temperatures will only rise throughout the summer, and we’d prefer for our volunteers to work in a safe, climate controlled environment.

We have temporarily moved into a climate controlled storage unit, but it is entirely too small for our operation and more than double the price of the larger, non climate controlled warehouse we were using.

In order to make the permanent move to a new office with attached warehouse, Miracle Diapers, Inc. needs to raise approximately $3000.00 to pay for a year in advance (this will get us the most bang for our buck!) If we are unable to make this move, we will more than likely have to close operations for the summer months due to unbearable working conditions as we are unable to afford to keep our inventory stored for so much money per month. Check out our temporary storage pictures here!

In all seriousness, Miracle Diapers needs office and warehouse space, and we are unable to do it alone. We’ve grown so much that we’re no longer able to be confined to small areas with no electricity, communication, or volunteer safety. There are local cloth diapering families who would love to volunteer their time to help Miracle Diapers, but we do not feel comfortable asking them to help in our current conditions.

We have found an office and warehouse that is perfect for us! We feel the need to establish a permanent presence in our headquartering community to show how dedicated and serious we are about expanding so that we may serve more families in need.

Here is a small photo of the office that we have being held for us, but it won’t be held for long. We are brainstorming ideas of what more we can do with this space to make it more useful than just storage (diapers and paperwork)!

Office – 10′ x 15′
Warehouse – 10′ x 15′
$415.38 per month (If paid a year in advance.)
* Convenient Location
* Gated Property
* 24 Hour Access-7 Days A Week
* Electricity Included
* Individual Heat/AC
* Multiple Phone Lines
* Glass Store Fronts
* Wide Driveways
* Ample Parking
* The thing we care about most is keeping your property safe. It’s also why you’ll see electronic gate control, surveillance cameras, resident manager and plenty of lighting.

How can you help?
There are many ways you can help Miracle Diapers achieve our goal!

Monetary Donations:
There is a Paypal “Donate” button at the bottom of our home page if you would like to donate whatever you can. Please remember, we will provide you with a tax receipt for ALL donations.

Designate a Diaper

Designate a Diaper

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Thank you for your ongoing support for Miracle Diapers! We really appreciate your loyalty to our cause!